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Credit: Fa Ming Shakya


No Sides!

No Sides!

by Ming Zhen Shakya


With a simple computer click we choose “like” or “dislike” over and over again and without a notice the computer begins to present us only with “things” we like. Pop-ups from all sides….making an effort to persuade us, to sway us….

In a contentious time when everything seems unreliable where everything is up for grabs Ming Zhen Shakya offers us an opportunity to practice the pull for this and the push for that. She goads us, lures us, all the time getting ready to pull the rug out from under our beliefs and opinions. At the edge of thinking something is right or wrong she goes beyond and leaves us up in the air….uncomfortable, in the lap of Zen Buddhism.

It is difficult to read an article that is edgy…and this one is. It pushes beyond easy comfort of right and wrong…but takes us to the place which Rumi describes as the “field beyond wrong-doing and right-doing.” Ming Zhen invites us to meet there, no matter what shows up…it is what a Zen Buddhist adept does….


No Sides

Humming Bird
AKA Zen, Justice and the Martial Arts Originally published in 2000

Author: Ming Zhen Shakya

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