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Essays by Fashi Yao Xin Shakya

Ask a Master: What is a Zen Retreat?

Ask a Master: What is a Zen Retreat? If you are thinking about attending a Zen retreat, Fashi Yao XIn Shakya offers some advice on how to approach the retreat. It’s all about vow.

On Being a Master: Sinking into the Mud

When discussing what a “master” is or can be in our tradition with Yao Xiang Shakya, in preparation before her Master Transmission, she said “I feel being a master is sinking further into the mud so the lotus may rise higher”. 

When We First Begin

For the beginner on the Zen path…..Fa Shi Yao Xin Shakya captures the essence of how we take the first step on the path to liberation and to knowing our Buddha nature.