Category: Essays by Fashi Yao Xin Shakya

When We First Begin

For the beginner on the Zen path…..Fa Shi Yao Xin Shakya captures the essence of how we take the first step on the path to liberation and to knowing our Buddha nature.

Dharma Up Close: An Approach to Study

As a Dharma heir to Ming Zhen Shakya I feel it is imperative of me to share her work with others. Since she is no longer with us in body and mind making her unavailable to speak with you I thought it might be helpful to offer some comments on how to read and listen and sit under the golden waterfall of her offerings. This essay is a brief, very brief approach on one way to soak in Ming Zhen’s Dharma offering. May the Dharma bless you as it has me and many, many others.

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