DaShi ChuanSheng Entered Emptiness by Fashi Yao Xin Shakya

We are very interested in the Chan:

Da Shi ChuanSheng, Steven Baugh, was a wonderful master with several lives: kung-fu master, a teacher, a family man, a … friend, and an example for all of us.



He was my main transmission master (Senior Dharma Teacher) in the Linji Lineage, along with Master Chuan Yuan and Master YinDin. And he was a close disciple of our two founders, master JyDin Shakya and Ming Zhen Shakya.

Deep bows DaShi!

Please recite hundreds of mantras of OM MANI PADME HUNG for Dashi; show him your love and compassion


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ANNOUNCEMENT – Two New Priests



We are happy to announce that on this rich month of November, we had the chance to celebrate two ordinations within Dharma Winds Zen Sangha/Ordre Zen de HsuYun:



Daniel Scharpenburg (former priest in the Tsaotung lineage of Upasaka Wenshu) has been received in the Dharma Winds Zen Sangha as a Chan/Zen Priest and Dharma Teacher in the Linji-Yunmen lineage of our Order on November 3, receiving the Dharma name QianMing 乾明.



Mark Gilenson has been received in the Dharma Winds Zen Sangha as a Chan/Zen Novice Priest, in the Linji-Yunmen lineage of our Order, on November 10, receiving the Dharma name ShenYun 深云.


A Priest of the Chan Order of Hsu Yun (a Dharma Teacher) is someone who shares our sincere practice in humility without pretense to be above other practitioners. In the Way, we seek to be spiritual friends sometimes being a student, sometimes being a teacher.

Humming Bird


If you’d like to comment or ask a question to Master Fa Shi Yao Xin Shakya you may contact him by email:  yaoxinshakya.zbohy@gmail.com

ANNOUNCEMENT: Please Welcome a NEW Monk!

Old Fire

Lao Huo Shakya


We are happy to welcome a new monk (unsui) to A Single Thread | Contemplative Order of Hsu Yun. The Dharma ceremony took place this month in Evanston, Illinois, USA. It was a beautiful ceremony where the monk received the robe and transmission into the lineage of Linji/ Yunmen at A Single Thread |Contemplative Order Priory.




Our Deepest Condolences to Our Former Abbot John

Abbot John’s dearest wife, Nanci died on New Year’s Eve after a long struggle with illness.
Dear Abbot John,

We send you our deepest condolences on the wings of two poems from masters  who offer what they have to offer in the heartache of your loss of your dearest Nanci.


Don’t run away from grief, o soul,
Look for the remedy inside the pain,
because the rose came from the thorn
and the ruby came from a stone.
~ Rumi

It’s possible I am pushing through solid rock
in flintlike layers, as the ore lies, alone;
I am such a long way in I see no way through,

and no space: everything is close to my face,
and everything close to my face is stone.

I don’t have much knowledge yet in grief
so this massive darkness makes me small.
You be the master: make yourself fierce, break in:
then your great transforming will happen to me,
and my great grief cry will happen to you.
~ Rainer Maria Rilke (Translated by Robert Bly)






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Announcement: Welcome Our Two New Novice Priests

ShenHai (James Kavajecz)


ShenYin (Yuri Reis)

The Order of Hsu Yun and Dharma Winds Zen Sangha / Zen Order of HsuYun are delighted to announce the ordination of ShenHai and ShenYin,

Deep Ocean and Profound Seal

They have received Novice Chan / Zen Priest Ordination in the Linji / Yunmen Z in Lineage of the Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun, ZBOHY-ZATMA

Through Dharma Winds Zen Sangha / Zen Order of HsuYun,

A Zen Priory of the Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu-Yun in Namur, Belgium

During a ceremony performed this month in Dharma Winds Zen Hermitage, Namur, Belgium

by YaoXin Shakya, Transmitted Priest and Co-Prior of the Zen Buddhist Order of HsuYun-ZATMA

As we approach the 20th anniversary of our humble zen order, I see more and more brothers and sisters on both branches of ZBOHY developing their sanghas and sharing the teachings of our Founders and Lineage. !

May they all study the way with Great Openness

Great Dedication!




Announcement: Please Welcome Our New Dharma Teacher, Lao Di Zhi Shakya

Lao Di Zhi Shakya

The Order of Hsu Yun
A Single Thread Contemplative Order of Hsu Yun
are delighted to announce the ordination of Lao Di Zhi Shakya,
Old Earth Wisdom
She received full Zen priest ordination as a Dharma Teacher in the Linji/Yunmen Zen Lineage
of the Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun, Z​BOHY-ZATMA
Through A Single Thread Zen Sangha, Evanston, Illinois USA
A Zen Priory of the Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu-Yun
Lao Di Zhi Shakya has been practicing Zen for over thirty years.

Welcome Fa Chuan Shakya


Fa Chuan Shakya – Ordination Remembrance

We are happy to share with you the first anniversary of the ordination of our friend in the Dharma, Fa Chuan Shakya.

Fa Chuan Shakya received full ordination from the Zen / Chan Order of HsuYun from the hands of Venerable DaShi Chuan Sheng, a historic member of the Order, old friend of our beloved Ming Zhen Shakya, and Master of the Order of Lohan tradition of Chinese martial arts.

The ceremony took place at the Lohan Spiritual and Cultural Center, also known as Las Vegas Buddhist Temple.

We wish our dear Fa Chuan Shakya to continue practicing and sharing the Dharma of the order he received from these masters!

May all beings know the end of physical and mental suffering!




Sangha News


June 22, 2017


Dear Friends of the Order,

We are sad to say our dear Abbot, Yao Sheng Shakya needs to resign as Abbot for personal reasons. We would like to thank our dear Abbot, Yao Sheng Shakya, for his wonderful years of service to ZATMA.

Thank you! Abbot Yao Sheng. We appreciate all the work you freely gave to spread the Dharma on a global level and wish you well in your continued practice.

In the light of this change, we want to recognize and announce our gratitude to The Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun, created by Chan Master Wei Miao Jy Din Shakya and the Zen mystic and Chan Teacher Ming Zhen Shakya, our old Sun as our 20th anniversary approaches.

At this important time, the board of our order chooses to enter a new phase in the spreading of the Dharma, respecting two essentials: (1) to offer the Chan (Zen) Dharma through the internet media and (2) to recognize the importance of a relationship between those who seek the Dharma and those who offer the Dharma.

We are thus announcing the creation of the Council of the Order, replacing the Abbotship, with a Co-Prior structure of two senior members of the ZATMA clergy, Fǎshī Yao Xin Shakya and Fǎshī Yao Lǎo Yuè Shakya. This change comes in order to better serve the Order and its needs in this modern and demanding age.

Dharma Teacher and founder of our contemplative practice of  A Single Thread Sangha, Fǎshī Yao Lǎo Yuè Shakya and Zen Master and founder of Dharma Winds Zen Sangha , Fǎshī Yao Xin Shakya offer both a strong devotion to the Dharma as well as a strong commitment to the work of  ZATMA/ZBOHY. Both are two direct students of our Old Sun, Ming Zhen Shakya. They  will serve the Council of the Order and the administration of its communication, ordinations and teachings as Co-Priors of the Zen Buddhist Order of HsuYun (zatma.org , old.zatma.org , zbohy.zatma.org).

Please welcome them in their new roles as Co-Priors.

Announcement: Another Master Blooms in ZATMA

Ornamentation: A Form of Communication

I humbly accept the garland of master in hopes that it may strengthen both my resolve to continue on the path with vigilance and vigor. And to honor my teacher who gave without complaint. Let me follow in her footsteps and in the footsteps of all the women and men who have gone before me, those ancestors who made it to the summit.

My great hope in accepting this master mantle is to know it as beautiful as spring flowers, as clouds in the sky, as rain pouring down, as winds picking up and dry air coming before the crisp cold. It is both a beauteous ornamentation and a form for communication of the Dharma. It is one expression of the path that I have walked for many years. It is a way to connect with others as well as a direction of growth. I have no idea what will show up. I am willing to meet whatever it is.

In the Yi Ching the hexagram for Beauty is a fire below a mountain. The emblem of strength and solidity and yet, with a volcanic renewal underneath. Even mountains renew the old and are reshaped. I remember many years ago thinking of what I felt when I was with a master. In those that I was able to draw close to I experienced them as the sheer face of a cliff covered in a spectacular arrangement of ice. Impenetrable.  Unmovable. I felt as though I needed to pound pitons into my life to give birth to such a climb; to climb the mountain of the Dharma sometimes embodied in another. It took great care and great fearlessness.

It is in this spirit, the spirit of gratitude, I bow to this gift given at this time by Fǎshī Yao Xin Shakya who calls me his Dear Old Moon which feels just right.

May the merit benefit all beings in the ten directions.

Welcome Our New Novice Shen Na of Dharma Wind Zen Hermitage

Ordination de novice de Shen Na (Lena Savarit)

La DWZS/OZHY a la joie de vous annoncer la récente ordination de Lena Savarit!


La cérémonie a eu lieu au Dharma Winds Zen Hermitage (Namur) ce mardi 30 mai 2017. Lena Savarit a reçu les préceptes de bonze novice dans le lignage Linji/Yunmen de notre Ordre ainsi que le nom de novice Shen Na (Profonde/Totale Acceptation) des mains de Shi YaoXin.

Puisse-t-elle aider tous les êtres à réaliser la Sublime Illumination!

Puissent tous les êtres l’aider à réaliser la Sublime Illumination!




Shi YaoXin

DWZS/OZHY has the pleasure to share the ordination of Lena Savarit!

The Ceremony took place at Dharma Winds Zen Hermitage (Namur, Belgium) on May 30 2017. Lena Savarit received the precepts of a Novice Priest in the Linji/Yunmen lineage of our Order and the Dharma Name ShenNa (Profound Acceptation) from YaoXin Shi.

May she help all beings to realize Sublime Enlightenment!

May all beings help her to realize Sublime Enlightenment!




Shi YaoXin

Dharma for the Polish!

Dear readers,

It is our pleasure to announce that a member of our Sangha, Mr. Marcin Koźlecki (Fa Yin) will be helping us in our effort to teach the Dharma. Marcin will be translating Ming Zhen essay “Dharma and Karma” and we will be publishing its two parts as soon as they are translated.


We appreciate Marcin efforts in order to expand our reach to Polish readers. Keep coming for updates!


This is a picture of Marcin and his son in a sunny day around the city of Łódź.

In memoriam: Yao Feng Shakya

With great regret we announce that our fellow Sangha Member, Rev. Yao Feng Shakya has passed away.


Yao Feng was a great artist who shared with us his contributions for many years. As long as we are able to contemplate his artwork and through it see beyond, a world of constancy and love, he will still be alive in our hearts and minds.


We extend our sincere condolences to his family in this sad moment.



Author Credit: Yao Feng Shakya


Author Credit: Yao Feng Shakya


Author Credit: Yao Feng Shakya


Author Credit: Yao Feng Shakya


Author Credit: Yao Feng Shakya



Author Credit: Yao Feng Shakya