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Opowieść 33: Mistrz Zen i Ewangelie

Opowieść o tym, jak zerwać toksyczne (i nie tylko) relacje. Wszystkie jednak relacje są trochę toksyczne, ponieważ wiążąc nas z innymi ludźmi, „wiążą nas” dosłownie. A każde związanie przeszkadza na ścieżce duchowej. Naszym bowiem celem jest wyswobodzenie się z więzów, a nie dokładanie kolejnych…


ADVANCED TEACHING: Live Without Desire

All phenomena, the Buddha once said, are rooted in desire. Everything we think, say, or do — every experience — comes from desire. Even we come from desire. We were reborn into this life because of our desire to be. Consciously or not, our desires keep redefining our sense of who we are. 

Hard to imagine living life without desire! We are filled with propaganda which keeps us in the dark. This essay is an advanced teaching on how to work with desire — it is simple, but it ain’t for the faint of heart.

We Want What We Think – And Think What We Want

MIng Zhen’s wise words are over 20 years old and show us the retrospective links to the governing entities that have run amok! The title change shows the selfie approach to just about everything – WE WANT WHAT WE THINK which apparently means restrictions on hearing teachings that offer wisdom and not just information leading us to THINK WHAT WE WANT which has very little to do with wisdom. Most of what we think are thoughts about our self.

This 1996 gem captures Ming Zhen’s take on some of the craziness that has got us to where wisdom in the name of constitutional interpretations has gotten us here.

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