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Indeed, Everything Comes to Awaken Us!


We, each one of us, have failed, fallen, stumbled; missed the mark of the Spiritual High Bird. Not one of us can cast a stone, not at another or even towards ourselves. Aspersions are never helpful despite our propensity to toss them around.

What does matter is to know firsthand, in our own skin that everything is a spiritual message. When we know this in our heart-spirit we see that is is our response to the misstep that matters.

Are we able to study the failing and see what the obstruction is within our mind? Or do we make excuses, cover it up, polish it with blame for and against others.

The current situation in the nation of separating children from their parents and the following turn around is a case in point. It was a misstep. A mistake. A failure. But the President seemed unable to admit any misstep. Any mistake. Any failure. Instead, he made it into a photo opportunity; a show of words of compassion by signing an executive order to stop a policy that he instituted. On the footsteps of the turn around of the policy he declares a dictum to the Attorney General to file legal proceedings in California to alter the longstanding 1980’s Flores settlement that protects unaccompanied minors (children) crossing the border.

The President and his loyalists made a mistake with the initial policy. OK. We all make mistakes. But the odd bit is that the President did not admit his mistake. I bring this current example up because it, like everything comes as a spiritual message for spiritual adepts. And I am not referring to the content of the error, but of the silence of an admission of it. Let me explain.

I think it is very difficult for most of us to admit our errors, our missteps, our failings….and like him, we go to all lengths to conceal, hide, and cover them up. It’s human nature to make an effort to make ourselves look better than we are, but it is the better, more nobler person who is able to avow his missteps to himself and if need be to others as a way to begin to go beyond the ‘human’ or mundane polishing of the ego-me (the e-me).  

Recognition of our missteps is a step up towards transcendence. It doesn’t mean that we need to broadcast our faults in public (unless our misstep is a public failing) but it does mean we confess our faults to our Self, to take responsibility without shame or blame and for those who are fortunate enough to have a spiritual confidant to tell them.

When we are unable to reveal our failings to ourselves in this manner and to express it to a spiritual confidant we are in the grip of pride. And pride, as most of  us know,  along with hate are the two obstructions that will keep us from the gate of liberation.

I refer us all back to the article Two Leashes: Narcissism & Humility and in particular the mention of the two deficits which are: (1) an inability to know our limits (this includes knowing our faults) and (2) an inability to ask for help.

I encourage each of us to study our e-me with a flashlight; looking for the ways we think “I alone” without any “help” can discover the Spiritual High Bird of liberation.  I encourage each of us to study how when we believe and think we know more than others, how when we think we are right and how when we see ourselves as superior we are being obstructed by pride and hate.

In order to do this work we need to add a study of how we do or do not seek “help.”

One way to examine this muddiness is to look at what you refer to when you think, speak and act. Is your self-exam a mirror of self-reflection on how right, knowledgeable and superior you are? Does it generate hate?

The current national error is a strong teaching for all of us. The President made a misstep. It took massive national outcries to get him to change and reverse his policy.

What does it take for you to see your missteps?  When you discover or realize your failings, what do you do?

There are two lessons here. One, everything for the noble spiritual adept is a spiritual message and (2) if you think you have made no mistakes….well… Ahem! I would suggest you have another look.

Humming Bird

Author: FaShi Lao Yue

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