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World Wide Xenophobia


All One Cloth

Our death and rebirth come in every moment but we may miss it because we attend to silly things. We hurry and worry about in reckless wishes that we will go on here forever. We flop into a hazy, laziness unbidden by the Holy One simply because we forget to listen to the beckoning. We condemn the differences and want to claim some rightness that will not, does not hold. We think the pieces, those bits of differences that divide us, are worth dying for.

Arguments of every sort and kind fly up into harmful skirmishes and we bang about loudly with pots and pans and trumpets of victory that we have beheaded the difference forever. We want, after all to be victorious over others. We like to stomp our feet and pound our fists against something and something different certainly seems threatening enough to make it a perfect enemy.

And all of this foolishness happens over and over again. The repetition makes it look real. It’s a drama played on the screen of the real.

Humming Bird

Author: FaShi Lao Yue

Image credits: Fly, 2019

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