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In Memory of Qian Shen Shakya



Qian Shen Shakya (Rhonda Martinez) wife, mother, daughter, and sister; Zen teacher and mentor.



Qian Shen Shakya, wife of Sad Monk – Yao Feng Shakya who died in 2016. Known by many as Rhonda Martinez, died December 22nd 2018, about two years after her husband. It is said she died of a broken heart.

They lived their life together helping others. They lived according to this motto:

We are all one! One family, one world, one love! ”
-Sadmonk – Scott & Rhonda Martinez.”

Rhonda Lynn Martinez

Dec 16, 1954 – Dec 22, 2018

“I’m just a Dreamer

I dream my life away”


Both Scott and Rhonda were artists.  The following poem and art work is a small glimpse into Rhonda’s work.


So many roles I’ve Played

Sailing through the cosmic sea,

But I am not afraid

Again the darkness swallows me

So happy that I stayed

The cycle spins eternally,

Never will I fade,

Because I know

There’ll always be

In everything,

A part of me.


Artist Rhonda Martinez

May we, with all beings realize the emptiness of the three wheels, giver, receiver and gift.

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