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Number 4: The Spiritual World of Work

Work as Devotion

The work is not limited because Dharma work cannot be measured or comprehended.

Measuring and comprehending disturb the mind.

All things help you to cut off disordered and defiled thoughts and views coming from the measuring and comprehending.

The Dharma work is infinitely numberless and universally performing.

What is there to worry about? Nothing at all. And yet, we find ourselves again and again caught in the grip of fretting, rubbing our hands together trying to figure out what to do.

The answer is given, but are we willing and able to follow it?

Let me remind you of the answer.

Roll up your sleeves, and give your attention to whatever shows up and the Way Seeking Mind is realized in the work.

We live in and by the pleasure of the Divine, Eternal power, called by many names. We are never apart from the existence of this power. But…we often think, believe and act as though we are a separate somebody with something to do…finish…keep.

We forget that our action, no matter what, is part of the bigger action. Let’s say that again. Our actions are part of the bigger action. What else would it be?

When you do anything, throw the trash out, make some coffee, sweep the floor, wash someone’s face, turndown the bed covers, go for a walk, look at the sky, contemplate, meditate…run, walk, eat, sleep…birth, aging, sickness, die…are part of the bigger action.

Roll up your sleeves doesn’t just apply to the activities you selected; pay full attention to all action with the mind of rolling up your sleeves. This is the Way.

Some things that hinder us. We tend to live in a world of labels. Labels lead to categories and classifications which lead to judgment and criticism. And this leads to separation.

Our tendency is to want to take charge – to control the world rather than practice with the mind and body. Many of us want to be right or perfect or better than or more comfortable or more something. But trying to measure the immeasurable, trying to comprehend the ineffable disturbs the mind.


Dharma work is infinitely numberless and universally performing.



So…what is all the dividing and measuring about? It is about the apparent world which does not last. When we get into this mindset, we are separated from the infinite and the universal.

All of these tendencies must be discarded. Practicing with mind and body is a practice that cannot be skipped since we think we are the body and we are the mind. This is what scares us. We know we will lose the body and many of us will lose our mind. We have mistaken ourselves as a body and mind which is as crazy as the man who mistook his hat for his wife. In essence, we do not know who and what we are.

Here’s a specific practice. Right there in the mind and body.

Concentrate and focus on, if you will, what happens to the mind and body when it likes something.

Concentrate and focus on, if you will, what happens to the mind and body when it does not like something.

And finally, watch what happens to the mind and body when it is indifferent.

Notice whether you are able to experience attachment and aversion with the things you like and dislike.

And remember…

The non-essentials are when you are given over to likes, dislikes and indifferences. Likes, dislikes and indifference are not essential causes of realization.

If you put your mind on the essential, you will realize the Dharma work.

Humming Bird

Author: Fashi Lao Yue

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