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See What is There

We continue to look and see what is coming into view. When the precepts come together we see our daily labor. We begin with the reminder do no harm, cultivate goodness, and purify the mind. We look through the mind states through the lens of these mantras.

The underlying directive is to consider others by looking through Buddha eyes. And when we forget, begin again.


Do no harm now, look for the Dharma in this moment, and drop wanting what you like or rejecting what you don’t like.

The precepts begin under the umbrella of the three pure precepts and getting closer and closer to ordinary daily life.

Don’t kill any living being because you don’t like it, because it suits your fancy for some sensual comfort. Make an effort to love what shows up even what bugs you.

Don’t take what is not given. Meet what arrives without wanting something else.


Don’t Entrap Others with Sensual Lures.

No tricks.

This particular precept often refers to sexual energy which is considered a potent force that has the potential to do enormous damage.  But it includes any lure of the senses. The basic admonition: don’t bait others for any self-gain. It means not to bait, entice or pull upon others through any of the sense doors. The sense doors are: eyes, ears, nose, mouth, touch and thinking. Don’t bait others with sensual pleasures for self-gain. Don’t deceive and mislead others. No cons. Don’t cheat. Don’t be a fraud. Don’t play games. Don’t make a play for someone.

Be authentic. Be honest. Be reliable. Be dependable. Be faithful. Be true.

The highest level of the precept refers to when a spiritual adept does not need to bait, lure, or entrap anything from the society of others. In Buddhism this place is a place of liberation. It’s a go-it-alone place of living without entanglements.


We add this to our daily practice. Get real, be real. Don’t flatter for the sake of gain, don’t sweet-talk, play, butter up anything in order to get something from someone else. No false advertising for gain.

Practice: What happens when you

let go of sensual baits?


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