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Woman with a Pink Message

The Woman with a Pink looks as if she has received a message in the form of a pink flower. The flower looks roughed; a bit worn.

What is the meaning?

She gazes off to contemplate the meaning of the roughed-up, pink flower.

When we receive a message – what do we do? Do we contemplate it? Whatever the message is?

Here’s a little assistance on how to practice how to respond when a message comes. No matter what the message, practice:

Don’t Seek, Don’t Reject.

When you receive a message, follow those four words before you respond. Actually, so you able to respond and NOT react.

Contemplate your mind state.


Humming Bird

May we with all beings realize

the emptiness of the three wheels,

giver, receiver and gift.

Don’t give up. Keep going.


Fashi Lao Yue

If you need assistance, please contact

Humming Bird
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