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The Old Bride knows that you must surrender how you’d like it to go and meet what shows up in your life.

She says that when you know that everything that comes into your life comes to wake you up, you surrender in the happiest of joy.

The Old Bride knows all about surrender. She’s learned to go with what shows up without complaint.

“There’s no going back,” she murmurs and sometimes hums.

The bridge fell down behind her shadow.

Her little pumps are not for swamp walking, she meets what comes along.

She doesn’t speak a word of Spanish.


And throws petals of good luck for changes.

You can find her during the early hours of the day with her little pumps set beside her as she writes and writes.

There is a long essay about good and evil, edits and rewrites of the novel, The Birth of an Old Woman’s Death, and ideas about a future article on the slaying of the Amalekites…and oh so much more that she smiles happily in her scribe chamber.

You might catch on, and you’d be spot on, if you were to say, she’s in love…

Oh! She wants you to know, she remains on the seat of gratitude with no harm at the bow as she is underway heading for the immutable.

Humming Bird

Author: Fashi Lao Yue

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