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Accept and Appreciate


No matter what you think about anyone else’s mistake
Keep it to yourself.
Don’t mention a word of it even into your own ear.
You are not flawless.
You keep trying to build up merit by stabbing the backs of others.
How high do you think you’ll stand in that bloody place?

Wash your hands of it.
Walk around outside. Sniff the Spring air.
Withdraw your get-even claws.
Mimic the ancient buddhas – Stay still.
Watch the flow of clouds pass over head without harming the wings of a bird.
If there is too much hot air, find the source and cool it down.

Spray it with oceans, cover it with mountains.
There are no trophies to win.
No showcase for your mouthy exhibitions.
Don’t even consider a retort.
Shake out your witty insults.
Fall down at once and drop your self-importance.



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