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All One Cloth



We are all one cloth.

We all are powered from somewhere else. Consider it.

All one power grid or separate bits and pieces of power grids?

Are you a separate being or part of a whole?

Do we share the power of existence or not?

We act as though we are separate, different and worst of all, measurable. This type of separation and discrimination leads to what we call the rat race.


Competition follows.

The rat race requires competition for power, wealth and the various trophies of success. We view the other as a rival. This race is not based on how you play the game, no, it is based on the desire to win the prize of the game no matter what.

It is a terrible way to live.

We have been conditioned to think that there is not enough to go around and that there is never enough power and wealth. We are conditioned to train and compete for as many prizes as we can get.

It rests on an every one for himselfattitude.

The question to ask is “to what end?”

Ambition is a desire to achieve and attain something in the material world over and above the the other. We seek to be triumphant; to get a piece of the pie. We are conditioned to use our innate desire to achieve and attain some type of success. Thinking otherwise, one is labeled as lazy, negligent, slothful.

There is another approach. An approach that relies on the recogntion of the truth of the human condition. It is hard for us to imagine living a life without a desire to achieve, attain and acquire, but it is not impossible.

There is a way to live that rests on a purpose that is a rational and spiritual understanding of our existence and not on the three ambitions, to achieve, attain and acquire material and ego-centered success. It rests on an understanding of our situation that is everpresent but overlooked and buried by the predominance of human ambition and conditoning.

The other way requires that we humans turn away from the controlling ambitious-seeking lifestyle. It requires that we study ourselves with a serious consideration of the reason for our existence.

Is it really to live to achieve, attain and acquire or is there a reason, an intention and a different motivation that is buried beneath this main principle of getting and having things and dominating others?

This turning away requires a willingness to study our life against the stream of acquisition and acheievements. A willingness to purify our mind is most important.

It requires that we realize the four truths of our existence. These truths are everpresent and obvious.

The Inevitables: Birth. Aging. Sickness. Death.

A body is born of life, changes over time, gets sick or injured and eventually dies.

What part of life suffers the inevitables? All of life suffers from these powerful forces. No life exists outside them. Existence is all one cloth. Our failure to know this for ourselves rests on the covering of conditioning. We are conditoned to seek from the external world – the apparent reality. Our focus is on the surface and outward appearances. But in so doing, we fail to realize the importance of the inevitables and think of ourselves as separate from existence.

Our true nature does not suffer from the inevitables.

We are not manufactured although the current view is to see life as one would see a machine; but we are not mechanical, digital or artificial.

The Essence: Spiritual. Whole. Nonmaterial. Immutable. Unborn. Undying.

Our death and rebirth come in every moment, but we may miss it because we attend to the unreal, material things. We hurry and worry about in reckless wishes that we will go on here forever. We flop into a hazy, laziness simply because we forget to listen, to understand and to know that there is THAT which is spiritual, whole, nonmaterial, immutable, unborn, and undying.

There are a few simple questions worth asking and studying for ourselves.

Do you know that you suffer birth, aging, sickness and death? Or do you ignore it?

Do you know that all life suffers birth, aging, sickness and death? Or do you not care?

Do you know your true nature? Or do you think of yourself as a mechanical body and mind that is a single entity made of manmade material that disappears at death?

The work is to give your very best without seeking a reward.

We are one cloth, powered from somewhere else. Consider it.

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