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How to Survive the Collapse of the Silver Lining

Only the Truth and Nothing But the Truth…

So Help Me

All created things are impermanent.

That’s really quite a mouthful. But I’ll continue.

All created things are suffering.

Well, that too is true.

I am a created thing.

Do you know that is true for you.

I am impermanent. 

We constantly forget about our upcoming death.

I am suffering.

When I foolishly attach to all these temporary things such as mind and body.


Stick with this.

So revealed.

Read it again.

A liitle gasp.

That is to be.

And then, well there you have it.

Confession at last.

And like a bag of air deflated.


So, NO worries.

It’s time to go to work.


Sit Down.


Lungs fill and empty.

Chest moves.

Hands tap the keys.

Head a little tilted.

Smiling now.

All accepting.

If you want to chat or ask a question, write to

May you be willing to study your actions and practice.








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