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Singing and Building Our Song of the Grass Roof Hermitage PART FOUR


We will crave privacy, a space of our own around which we can create a ring of fire or a moat.

Ming Zhen Shakya

Thank you, Em for this reminder to focus on our spiritual practice and Newton’s understanding of actions!

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

These days and days, we hear more and more the song of the great barons of science rather than listening and singing our song of our own grass roof hermitage. This is when I say, “God help us, God help us all.”

Indeed! Perhaps it requires a scream!

As in all things, science has gone wild with power in thinking and believing like that old TV show “Father knows best!” But say, that was a TV show – a created fiction based on? I do not know. Male domination? A cultural rule. A good time? Putting everyone in their place – whatever that may be?

What jumps to mind is the incredulous goings on behind closed research doors. Here is just one headline – one link.


SO…the best we can do is as you wrote Em…

We will crave privacy, a space of our own around which we can create a ring of fire or a moat.

Here’s the “how” of fulfilling this craving for privacy. Follow carefully. Study it and sing the song of The Grass Roof Hermitage.

Don’t hang out where those saturated in ignorance live and love.

Remember, this song is about building something where there is “nothing of value.” It is a reminder of the reality of impermanence.

Live calmly wherever you are. 

This requires constancy of letting go and remembering all this is a passing show.

All that is, is here!

It isn’t anywhere else.

When you let go of the ego, you gain the ability to illuminate forms and the nature of forms. Brighteyes!

No matter what you have or where you are, let go of the ego and see for yourself.

Firm steadiness is unsurpassable. 

Get it. Nothing goes beyond  ‘nothing in it for me.’

Cover your head.  It is not a matter of conceiving anything.

Don’t go after intellectual understanding.

You are already free.

When you live where there is nothing of value you no longer work to get free.

Stop all enticements.

Study your self. Study the old teachings again and again.

Relax completely right where you are.

Get free of mental and physical obstructions.

You are the undying being when in the place of nothing of value.

Drop the cash value model of all things.

Be there, here and now.

Fashi Lao Yue





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