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The This & That Separates Our True Nature

Self-Realization is beginningless, endless, ever-present. It is both the path and destination. Our intellect can take us just so far as though we are at the edge of the ocean. From there, from that edge we invoke our inner intuition.

Our inner intuition comes from our willingness to detach from the things of the world. YES! That is the Way. It is not a path of quibbling where we are parsimonious about our stuff. We make no objections when it comes to letting go.

We do not know that we are purity and with this misconception we continually try to clean up our impurities. To know the intrinsic purity of our existence we detach the mind from the material world and go inward where we embrace our intuition.

When we realize, when we are fully aware that the Self, the Source is reality, we no longer are divided by this thing and that thing. Difference and distinction disappear.

Detachment is the method of freedom. When we say this ‘thing’ is better than that ‘thing’ we are in ignorance. The phenomenal world is constantly presenting this ‘thing’ as opposed to that ‘thing.’ When we see difference and distinction we have cut the cat into pieces of this and that. The world pulls us to divide and yes, conquer.

Difference and distinction is bound in the material world. We need to go beyond both and enlist discrimination. We cultivate and follow our ability to recognize and understand the material realm within the transcendent. It is there that we see both the difference and unity.

From this point of discrimination we are enboldened to go further. Here is where detachment is the next step. Let whatever the ‘thing’ is drop away as though it is a handful of dry sand inbetween our fingers. It is not something to hold onto and keep.

The ‘things’ of the world are merely fabrications that are under the auspices of change. And change is inevitable! We must know this condition regarding each thing.

Detachment and acts of detachment purify the mind in order to go inward. When we do not get personally and egotistically involved, we are free of attachment.

Attachments mean expectations. In detachment we do not have expectations – rather we are open and accept what comes into our life as our life.

We live from a place of a transcendent-rational-intuition where everything is known to be the unborn, undying, eternal presence known by many names. –

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