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The Go-Getter Practice Guide

Welcome to a View of You.

Dear Friends,

Below you will find a link titled, The GO ONE. When you are ready, click the link and a PDF will show up. Feel free to print it out. I recommend printing it out. Begin by reading the very last page – The Koan and The Interpretation of the Koan Case 1.

I recommend reading it over and over as each teaching needs to be revealed and taken to heart by you. Don’t waste time by just a quick look…that will not be helpful, useful or skillful.

The pages are 8 1/2 x 11…standard letter size. I encourage you to write down your own thoughts and experience and download and print the booklet.

NOTE: Keep in mind discrimination in this piece refers to splitting and separating in the material realm of the world not the transcendent knowledge. The higher understanding of discrimination is a realization that all this is unreal, ephemeral, impermanent and when you know that, you know the ONE source of our existence.

See link below.








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