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The Path of Learning

The Path of Teaching 

Spiritual practice is radical and far-reaching. It  needs to begin with who we think we are in order to  relinquish “who we think we are.” It is not to be come anyone or somebody or anything. It is to  leave all of it.

It’s rather startling, isn’t it? And it requires practice  to break out of the cocoon of habits and reactions  that we have built. This pointer is quite sobering.

It does not mean to let the dead rot on the side of  the road or pack your bags for elsewhere. Spiritual  practice is more sweeping than a geographical  change of scenery or familial abandonment. It is  an interior shift that is more drastic and more all encompassing.

A Single Thread Priory offers free articles on  spiritual practice. If you are looking for spiritual  ways to practice right where you are, we invite you  to look at the many articles online. Here is the link  to the rest of this article titled: The Path of Teach 

ing: IT’s Radical & Far-Reaching.

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