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What to Do After Hurricane Force Winds

Yao Xiang Shakya
Yao Xiang Shakya

Photo Credit: MF 2016


Call 911. Call the Fire Department. We see a live wire down. Call the Alderwoman. Call ComEd. We stay out of the backyard. Greet the neighbors at the door. Stand and look and see ‘what’s the damage?’ Call the electrician. Call the insurance company. Call the City. Walk the dogs. Wash the dishes. Clean the dining room. Make the bed. Call the neighbor. Find the long, orange electrical extension cords. Check with neighbor. Borrow some electricity. Restore the land line. Get some rest. Eat dinner. Go to bed. Make breakfast. Look at the treetops in the backyard. Thank the old tree that gave up life by stopping the big, huge tree from coming further and crushing the zendo. Thankful no one else was hurt as far as we could tell. Two trees died.


And on and on and on…meeting what shows up as best we can…it hasn’t stopped. It won’t stop until we leave the body. We take refuge in practice in our self-sufficient mind. We do the best we can. We laugh. We get a blessing for the sick. We shop for food. We wave at our neighbor. We find a long rope to walk the boys through the rubble. We make tea.


Just on and on…meeting the myriad things.


Whether we fabricate a label of something being GOOD or something being BAD…it all has the kernel of suffering.


If it is a made up label of GOOD, we don’t want it to end…or it triggers fierce anxiety and fear that it will end.


If it is a made up label of BAD, we want it to end…and it triggers fierce wishes and fears that it won’t end.


Brush away the fabrications. Don’t rely on the fabrications. Don’t get too concerned about the external conditions.


Rely on the self-sufficient mind.



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