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Sangha News


June 22, 2017


Dear Friends of the Order,

We are sad to say our dear Abbot, Yao Sheng Shakya needs to resign as Abbot for personal reasons. We would like to thank our dear Abbot, Yao Sheng Shakya, for his wonderful years of service to ZATMA.

Thank you! Abbot Yao Sheng. We appreciate all the work you freely gave to spread the Dharma on a global level and wish you well in your continued practice.

In the light of this change, we want to recognize and announce our gratitude to The Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun, created by Chan Master Wei Miao Jy Din Shakya and the Zen mystic and Chan Teacher Ming Zhen Shakya, our old Sun as our 20th anniversary approaches.

At this important time, the board of our order chooses to enter a new phase in the spreading of the Dharma, respecting two essentials: (1) to offer the Chan (Zen) Dharma through the internet media and (2) to recognize the importance of a relationship between those who seek the Dharma and those who offer the Dharma.

We are thus announcing the creation of the Council of the Order, replacing the Abbotship, with a Co-Prior structure of two senior members of the ZATMA clergy, Fǎshī Yao Xin Shakya and Fǎshī Yao Lǎo Yuè Shakya. This change comes in order to better serve the Order and its needs in this modern and demanding age.

Dharma Teacher and founder of our contemplative practice of  A Single Thread Sangha, Fǎshī Yao Lǎo Yuè Shakya and Zen Master and founder of Dharma Winds Zen Sangha , Fǎshī Yao Xin Shakya offer both a strong devotion to the Dharma as well as a strong commitment to the work of  ZATMA/ZBOHY. Both are two direct students of our Old Sun, Ming Zhen Shakya. They  will serve the Council of the Order and the administration of its communication, ordinations and teachings as Co-Priors of the Zen Buddhist Order of HsuYun ( , ,

Please welcome them in their new roles as Co-Priors.

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