Global warming? More inconvenient baloney

What is the cure for worrying about record snowfall in New England? Try visualizing the Southwest as the Global Warmers see it: In GLOBAL WARMING; MORE INCONVENIENT BALONEY Ming Zhen Shakya looks at some of the recent “diversions” that Global Warming entrepreneurs offer in response to unexpected Polar Vortices.

L’Altro e l’Oltre

Viaggio nella Pittura del Sacerdote Francescano Fra Sidival Fila, girato sul Palatino di Roma da Massimiliano Milesi (Fa Geng Shakya) tra Ottobre 2014 e Gennaio 2015

ZBOHY elects Argentine Abbot! Letters To The New Abbot
Our new Abbot: Yao Sheng Shakya

Shi Yao Sheng of Buenos Aires has been elected to ZBOHY’s top position. He brings the Dharma to thousands of Spanish speaking visitors to our ZATMA website. In Letters To The New Abbot various members of the Order officially welcome him to his new post.

Surrender to Retirement
Fork (Patrick Smith)

Abbot John can see things more clearly now that he’s blinded by the glare of reality.

Eating God: The Universal Principle of Conversion
Babette's Feast

For all those doubters, Yao Xiang Shakya speaks about the essentials of spiritual conversion in Eating God: The Universal Principle of Conversion.

Theopagy: The Communion Ritual

Because they regard themselves as intellectuals who cannot countenance things unscientific, atheists mock rituals they do not understand. In Theophagy: The Communion Ritual, Ming Zhen Shakya examines this religious practice.

And after golf? Then what?

Retirement has been giving Abbot John time to consider important things like pond life. In And After Golf? Then What? he’s ready to throw the retirement towel in and get back into the “Zen and Not Zen world.”

The Simpsons: The Day of the Locust

Homer Simpson is an icon of mixed messages. In The Simpsons: The Day of the Locust, Ming Zhen Shakya examines the life of the original Homer Simpson and his connection to the Book of Exodus.

The Unbelievers: Another Stab At Atheism

People can misuse both science and religion. When scientists mock religious people just to make money, it’s time to remind them to tithe. In The Unbelievers: Another Stab at Atheism Ming Zhen Shakya looks at a couple of heirs to Madalyn Murray O’Hair.

Welcome Back To Zen

Are we too connected to divisive or meaningless social media? It’s time to get back to basics. In “Welcome back to Zen” Ming Zhen Shakya gives some advice about reclaiming our own identities and making a spiritual commitment to ourselves.

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