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Welcome aboard!!!

The Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun is privileged to announce the election of our new abbot, Yao Sheng Shakya of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

By profession, Yao Sheng is an Electrical Engineer and works as a University Professor in Digital Signal Processing and Computer Science fields.
He’s an avid reader – right now he is reading Saul Bellow, D.T. Suzuki, and Swami Sivananda’s books on spiritual matters.
He speaks English fluently and is available in both English and Spanish to give individual spiritual counseling at
We are all delighted with him and the plans he has to write essays in Spanish so that our Zen Buddhist message will be made more accessible to our Latin American readers.
Together, we all cheer him, saying, “Welcome Aboard, Abbot Yao Sheng.”
Ming Zhen Shakya
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