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March 2019

LESSONS. Lesson 5 B. The Second Rank to End Suffering

Fashi Lao Yue asks us to look at the Second Rank of Zen as another step in ending our misery. It begins with a quote and ends with a chant – it resounds the two teachings of Zen. Begin and continue – don’t give up. The Dharma Gates are gateless and ever-present – ready for everyone to enter.

LESSONS. Lesson 5. Part A. The End of Suffering

The first rank in zen is to see the relative in the absolute – we call it change. When things are going the way we want – we can see change as the relative in the absolute. But anytime all h*ll breaks loose in our life – when things don’t go our way – we go wild with suffering. BUT – Buddha tells us there is an end to suffering – You may ask – where is it? And how do I find it? Fashi Lao Yue suggests you take a look here.