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May 2016

La barque vide

Et si nous pouvions vivre nos vies sans constamment attaquer ou se défendre ? Dans «La barque vide ” Qian Fa et Yao Xin Shakya nous invitent à méditer sur une vieille histoire taoïste

The Crossword Puzzle (#7)

If the truth were known, Greed would rank highest of human sin. Greed is not mere covertness, it is a disease of the mind. In the last installment of The Crossword Puzzle, Ming Zhen Shakya shows how easily a confused person can fall under its spell.

The Crossword Puzzle (#6)

“Evil to him who evil thinks” is, considering the Lex Talons, the guiding motto of the seeker of enlightenment. In Part 6 of The Crossword Puzzle, A Touch of Jail, Ming Zhen Shakya reveals Nola’s enduring principle.