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January 2019

LESSONS – Lesson 1. Where Do I Begin?

This short piece is for all those who need a review or a new beginning with their practice. It is a lesson we often overlook – especially when we find ourselves confused and restless. It’s a brief piece that presses you to ask “where do I begin?” over and over again. It asks you to review and examine where you are and make a commitment – to embrace a path and follow it with surety of purpose as our dear one Hui Neng is alleged to have done.

Viroqua Moment: Four Cylinder Engine Meets Horse & Buggy

Although enlightenment is sudden and strikes without warning there are preliminary strikes along the path that give us a glimpse at the absolute. The glimpse encourages us to continue the work knowing that encountering the absolute is not yet enlightenment. Lao Huo Shakya’s experience is an encouraging glimpse.