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July 2020

Take Care of Your Mind by Lao Di Zhi Shakya

Dogen’s Awarenesses – Having Few Desires, Being Content, Quietude, Diligence, Unfailing Recollection are not commandments or rules to be memorized and slavishly followed. They are qualities to be lived not just something to think about or observe in other people.  These awarenesses are like seeds in our minds, when we water them with practice they can break through our ignorance, like seedlings breaking through the dirt to become plants.

Friendship, Sickness, Aging and Death

Friendship, Sickness, Aging and Death is common to us all. Especially during this worldwide pandemic. Venerable Lao Huo Shakya offers us a personal and traditional Buddhist response to those who lose a loved one. The tradition asks us to write a letter – one for each week of the period of grief. Venerable Lao Hue’s generosity is a boon to us all.

Om Om Om Peace, Peace, Peace