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Monsters to Madness. All Sorts of Foul Play

Thoughts, when used to stop the monsters in the mind, are worth their weight in gold. Otherwise – monsters often come disguised as thoughts, images, imaginations, and all sorts of foul play. Fashi Lao Yue offers some practices to break free from our loyalty to these monsters.

I Always Want It to Be Different

IN LESSONS, Lesson 3, PART A we return to the foundations – to realize them in our lives, not just memorize them. Fashi Lao Yue gives us examples of what we do and examples of those who have realized the truth in the first Noble truth. There is suffering – it’s really true…what do we do about it?

Where Suffering Cooks UP

Although Pandora’s box was really a jar, when she, who was made of clay, took off the the lid out came all the evils and troubles for the world. We do the same thing. When we open the My, Me, Mine, I, letting the ego escape from the Pot we let all our troubles out. This pot is our very own version of a Pandora’s box.