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Detachment and McCormack’s “Selling Heaven” by Ming Zhen Shakya

“Detachment and Selling Heaven” is a memorable essay by Ming Zhen Shakya….it resounds on many levels like the sound of a gong being struck. Her exquisite understanding of the Irish tenor who is seemlingly forever drowning himself in sentiment, leaving many to go the grave soaking wet and her brilliant understanding of the attachment involved and the well-placed observance of the poems, especially McCormack’s, The Portrait.
Well worth the read!

Be Resolute from the Beginning

While it is wonderful to hear, “I love you,” there’s nothing quite like having someone tell you, “You changed my life.” J.J. Virgin

This essay of our dear Ming Zhen Shakya was the first essay I read by her….and believe me when I tell you, IT changed my life. Lao Yue Shakya

Lunar Communion….Who Knew?

Our Dear Ming Zhen reminds us of the loss of Wisdom in her discovery of holy communion on the moon. Where is Wisdom? Spirituality? Today….in an ever-increasing division when news is ‘fake’ and truth is undermined would she still say bring Wisdom back?

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