Author: Yao Sheng Shakya

Jake Mason

Yao Xiang Shakya is pleased to introduce Jake Mason, a New Singer/songwriter. And her Nephew’s son! But seriously, check him […]

Un dia para celebrar

¿Es el descanso simplemente dormir o no hacer nada? ¿De qué descansamos cuando descansamos? En esta nueva pequeña historia, un hombre abatido por la actividad intenta buscar paz para su alma consumida por las ocupaciones…

El regalo de los insultos

Dicen que cuando alguien está atrapado en arenas movedizas, cuanto más lucha para salir, más se hunde. En esta pequeña historia les contamos sobre un antiguo enfoque para no hundirse más y más en el terreno de las agresiones.

Hagakure (#6)

It is never too late to adopt the Samurai Way of Life, to abandon old selfish ways, to embrace new principles, and to devote one’s life to being loyal to those principles. Especially after a surviving a critical challenge to one’s existence, we experience a great need to find a better way of living, a code to live by that will impart indomitability to us. We are done with being weak. In her review of Jim Jarmusch’s film Ghost Dog, Ming Zhen Shakya shows one man’s conversion to the discipline of righteous beliefs.

Cowspiracy and The Cancer Detectives of Xian

Along with “Cowspiracy” (on Netflix) comes this recent announcement by the WHO about the dangers of foods we frequently eat. Processed meat (and some red meat too such as hamburgers) are put on the top of the “carcinogen” danger list along with alcohol, asbestos, arsenic, and cigarettes.

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