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Yao Xin Shakya

When We First Begin

For the beginner on the Zen path…..Fa Shi Yao Xin Shakya captures the essence of how we take the first step on the path to liberation and to knowing our Buddha nature.

Le Bouddha et le bateau

Cette semaine pas de temps a perdre! Qian Xin et Yao Xin Shakya vous partagent cette cinquième histoire Zen. Encore une fois, le Bouddha Shakyamuni cherche a nous amener sur l’autre rive… saurons nous prendre le temps de l’écouter?

Le Scorpion et le Saint-Homme

C’est a vivre en accord avec notre vrai nature que nous invite cette histoire Zen. Qian Xin et Yao Xin Shakya nous proposent aujourd’hui de regarder la rivière s’écouler aux côtés d’un saint-homme.

La barque vide

Et si nous pouvions vivre nos vies sans constamment attaquer ou se défendre ? Dans «La barque vide ” Qian Fa et Yao Xin Shakya nous invitent à méditer sur une vieille histoire taoïste

Surgery or No Surgery

Lasik or Cochlear implants, people are now offered corrections to old disabilities. Some do not want to avail themselves of these new solutions. Grandmaster Yao Xin reveals how he reached his own decision, a valuable guide to others who are considering such procedures.

A Father’s Birth (#6)

In this final section of his paternal experience, Da Shi Yao Xin changes a diaper for the first time and finds in the experience a happy connection to Zen’s ancient monastic practice of using the Shit Stick.

A Father’s Birth (#5)

Deliverance Day finally arrives for Da Shi Yao Xin. In Part V, A Tiger in the Belgian Forest, he tells us how it feels to suddenly become the dad of an adorable tiger cub, a.k.a. his son Eliott.

A Father’s Birth (#4)

In Part 4 of “A Father’s Birth” Da Shi Yao Xin finally survives all those pre-natal crises and samples the reality of the moment.

A Father’s Birth (#3)

In Part 3 of “A Father’s Birth” Yao Xin Shakya follows the directions to the Athonite Church and experiences a revitalization of an old Zen teaching. He wonders how the Christian Blessing will affect his Buddhist future.

A Father’s Birth (#2)

“Called or not called, God will be there”, C. G. Jung wrote in front of his house. In “Vespers in the Night”, Master Yao Xin Shakya share some words with an Orthodox priest and realizes the importance of names and its mysteries.

A Father’s Birth (#1)

A simple way of living, distant mountains, homemade wine and the scent of incense become a fine scenario for the mistery of life to unfold. In the “A Father’s Birth”, Master Yao Xin Shakya tell us a glimpse of how a new life can change our world.