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Yao Sheng Shakya

El espejo de plata

Cuando perdemos nuestra visión, nos arriesgamos a perderlo todo. En “El Espejo de Plata” se ilustra la pérdida del foco de las cosas que verdaderamente importan.

New section! Tales from our Sangha

Next Friday, April 10th… we are inaugurating a new section called “Tales from our Sangha” where complete or serialized works of fiction written by sangha members will be displayed. Don’t miss the chance to visit us!!!

ZBOHY elects Argentine Abbot! Letters To The New Abbot

Shi Yao Sheng of Buenos Aires has been elected to ZBOHY’s top position. He brings the Dharma to thousands of Spanish speaking visitors to our ZATMA website. In Letters To The New Abbot various members of the Order officially welcome him to his new post.