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Dharma sprouts

We would like to share with our Sangha some pics of Yin Shan Shakya’s adorable children!

A Quick Course in Zen Theology

Save by a few things, there is no issue more confusing than Buddhist Theology. Except that more people tend to feel able to debate about it that as the case of string theory. In this exquisite essay, Ming Zhen Shakya expounds a summary of the theology behind our Path.

Sudden School Zen and Gradual School Zen

Beginners in the Path sometimes get confused when reading different Zen accounts. Usually, they get contradictory statements… In “Sudden School and Gradual School”, Ming Zhen Shakya explains synthesizes the approachs of both schools.

A Flash of Fiction about the Furniture People

The furniture people want to matter.
They want to be loved.
They want to count.
They want to be useful rather than be free.

In this FLASH of fiction, Yao Xiang Shakya shows how it looks to be caught up in the dust of the material world.


Le Bouddha et le bateau

Cette semaine pas de temps a perdre! Qian Xin et Yao Xin Shakya vous partagent cette cinquième histoire Zen. Encore une fois, le Bouddha Shakyamuni cherche a nous amener sur l’autre rive… saurons nous prendre le temps de l’écouter?

Le Scorpion et le Saint-Homme

C’est a vivre en accord avec notre vrai nature que nous invite cette histoire Zen. Qian Xin et Yao Xin Shakya nous proposent aujourd’hui de regarder la rivière s’écouler aux côtés d’un saint-homme.