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Abbot John

Abbot John and the Electronic Fairy

Abbot John muses and muses again and seems as routinely unable to reach a conclusion about a mused about subject as ever. But he continues to try. This is why he is called Abbot John.

My honor is called loyalty

Abbot John has gone to war again. The Axis Powers were not defeated as we had thought. He hopes to live long enough to get the job done. In “My Honor is Called Loyalty”, he considers constructive options. Who will whisper “Soylent Green” to him?

Recovering from a Vacation

Vacations, as everyone knows, get us away from pressure. Abbot John discovers another use for duct tape as he flies blissfully high above pressure in “Recovering from a vacation”

And after golf? Then what?

Retirement has been giving Abbot John time to consider important things like pond life. In And After Golf? Then What? he’s ready to throw the retirement towel in and get back into the “Zen and Not Zen world.”