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Essays by Yao Xiang Shakya

These Bones!

Lao Huo Shakya speaks to us about the truth of the body.
Don’t miss this short, sweet and strong truth.

The Road to There is Here

This image reminded me that I have been a seeker since I was a young girl.  My seeking ties me to all humans who yearn to be set free of their human bondage, to be released from sorrow and alienation, to be united with wisdom, safety and divine care.  As we begin to emerge from the fog of the human pursuit of happiness, we re-member this core impulse.  Then we begin to trust that our impulse to seek the divine is leading us somewhere.  We realize it can be leaned on, the energy of our yearning like fuel for our engine of transformation.

Monsters to Madness. All Sorts of Foul Play

Thoughts, when used to stop the monsters in the mind, are worth their weight in gold. Otherwise – monsters often come disguised as thoughts, images, imaginations, and all sorts of foul play. Fashi Lao Yue offers some practices to break free from our loyalty to these monsters.

To Walk Invisible, A Zen Parable

Spiritual work, like the artistic journey of the Bronte sisters who would become some of the world’s most respected authors, begins…and continues…with opening doors. To make great art or to cultivate Buddha Mind, one begins by naming that which is hidden. “Turn around the light to shine within,” * says the ancient text. To shine the light of awareness, to tell the truth of how life is not conforming to our hopes and dreams and find the courage to name it: In “To Walk Invisible,” this truth-telling is the tension-filled opening story line of the two-hour drama.

A Contemplation on the T’ai-Ki

This piece will take time to understand. Contemplate it. Don’t rush through it.
There are links to click and study. Good luck. May the merit benefit all beings.