We all in the Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun would like to congratulate Abbot Ken (Yin Ts’ao Shakya) in this very special ocassion where he married Victoria in the “Bayou State”, Louisiana, USA.


We would like to post a photo of the just married couple, and wish them a life full of love, joy and happiness!!!


Meilleurs voeux pour une merveilleuse vie de couple!


Ken and Victoria


“Tales from the Sangha” section is here!

An introduction to our new section: “Tales from the Sangha”


We here at ZBOHY are happy to initiate a new feature – “Tales from the Sangha” one in which our sangha members who have a fondness for writing fiction or, at least, are tempted to try it, can tell stories that amuse or instruct. We all know stories that can make others laugh or can help them to solve a problem or just to pass the time while they’re waiting at the bus stop. We’ll serialize longer stories and hope that the reader’s interest will be piqued enough to return to read the next episode.

We’re all grown-ups at the site – and kids don’t find Zen too interesting; so no one needs to worry about letting junior learn things he ought to wait another decade to learn.  On the other hand, we don’t want to print slanderous stuff.  So keep it fictional…. no real names, please.

We know that most of our sangha members are scientifically oriented and, as such, are trained to use the passive voice.  We have a small instruction letter that we can send anyone who needs to convert from passive thinking, in which he deliberately eliminates himself, to the “omniscient narrator” active voice.  Sometimes just getting started is the problem.

So send those original stories in.  Who knows? Maybe the tales are worth the attention of serious publishers.

Ming Zhen Shakya

Welcome aboard!!!

The Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun is privileged to announce the election of our new abbot, Yao Sheng Shakya of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

By profession, Yao Sheng is an Electrical Engineer and works as a University Professor in Digital Signal Processing and Computer Science fields.
He’s an avid reader – right now he is reading Saul Bellow, D.T. Suzuki, and Swami Sivananda’s books on spiritual matters.
He speaks English fluently and is available in both English and Spanish to give individual spiritual counseling at
We are all delighted with him and the plans he has to write essays in Spanish so that our Zen Buddhist message will be made more accessible to our Latin American readers.
Together, we all cheer him, saying, “Welcome Aboard, Abbot Yao Sheng.”
Ming Zhen Shakya

ZBOHY elects Argentine Abbot! Letters To The New Abbot

Our new Abbot: Yao Sheng Shakya
Our new Abbot: Yao Sheng Shakya

ZBOHY elects Argentine Abbot. Shi Yao Sheng of Buenos Aires has been elected to ZBOHY’s top position. He brings the Dharma to thousands of Spanish speaking visitors to our ZATMA website. In the following section various members of the Order officially welcome him to his new post.


Estimados miembros de la Comunidad ZBOHY,

En primer lugar, quiero agradecerles a todos por su interés en nuestro sitio. Aquí encontrarán abundante material de lectura acerca de la práctica del Budismo Zen. Afortunada e imprevistamente, he sido elegido Abad de la Orden Budista Zen de Hsu Yun (ZBOHY, por sus siglas en inglés), lo que implica que llevaré adelante el mantenimiento y actualización del sitio web, tareas de edición y coordinación de actividades, entre otras responsabilidades. Es mi intención para este año que podamos mejorar la estética y presentación de nuestra páginas, así como incorporar más contenido en español (a través de traducciones y producción de ensayos nuevos).

Desde mi humilde posición, no espero más que poder ayudar a los practicantes del Budismo Zen a apreciar y profundizar su práctica, allanar sus dificultades, despejar sus dudas y asistirlos en todo lo que me sea posible para su realización personal.

A modo de bienvenida compartiré con Ustedes una serie de ensayos cortos sobre conceptos básicos del Budismo Zen, los cuales iré publicando en sucesivas entregas. Los animo a escribirme en caso de que así lo consideren.

Finalmente, quiero agradecer a la comunidad de maestros, sacerdotes y laicos de ZBOHY quienes han confiado en mí para esta tarea.


En el Dharma,

Yao Sheng Shakya


From Abbot John (Yin Din Shakya)

Abbot John
Abbot John


We have arrived at a pivotal point in our ZBOHY-ZATMA history at which we’re privileged to welcome a new abbot from South America,Yao Sheng of Buenos Aires. Abbot Yao has been a member of our sangha for many years. Well-versed in the Dharma, he is also, by profession, an electrical engineer and university professor. It will not be easy to fill Abbot Ken’s shoes, but he has the will and the skill to succeed. Yao Sheng is enthusiastic about presenting our Dharma Path to the many Latin American citizens who seek Zen’s Way to Enlightenment. We share his enthusiasm, wish him well, and congratulate him.

Abbot John (Yin Din Shakya)

 From Chuan Yuan Shakya

Chuan Yuan Shakya
Chuan Yuan Shakya

Damos as boas vindas ao nosso novo abade, Yao Sheng Shakya. Temos plena

confiança que sua competência será mais que suficiente para enfrentar os desafios que temos por vir.

Agradecemos ao Abade Yin Cai por sua dedicação e excelente trabalho nos últimos anos.

Chuan Yuan Shakya(Je)

 From Shi Zheng Fo and Shi Chuan Chao

Chuan Chao
Chuan Chao
Zheng Fo Shakya
Zheng Fo Shakya

For Yao Sheng:

Congratulation Reverend Yao Sheng! We join with the rest of the sangha is wishing you the best of luck in your new post.

Naturally, we will all miss Abbot Ken and the good work he has done for the last few years; but the prospects of introducing Latin American languages and sangha members to our website will help to compensate his loss.

We’re all excited about broadening the reach of ZBOHY’s zatma ministry and we look to you with confidence that you will guide our sangha and website readership to a fortuitous increase.

Once again, Good fortune to you in your endeavors.

Zheng Fo Shakya (Audrey) and Chuan Chao Shakya (Hal)

 From Ming Zhen Shakya


Ming Zhen Shakya
Ming Zhen Shakya

Hola Abbot Yao!

At last I can practice my espanol. Welcome to the hot seat. Ken will be staying on to contribute his technical advice and (we hope) his writing, so things may go easier than expected for you.

You’ve been with us for so many years that it seems strange to welcome you to your new post. We all wish you the best of luck; and naturally, we’re all here to help. Don’t hesitate to ask.

Kind regards,

Ming Zhen Shakya (Em)

 From Shi Yao Xiang


Yao Xiang Shakya
Yao Xiang Shakya

Welcome Aboard Abbot Yao Sheng!

Your acceptance of this position assures all of us that ZBOHY-ZATMA will continue to be a strong presence in the global world of the internet.

I’d like to extend a warm welcome as you take the seat of The Abbot of ZBOHY-ZATMA.

I look forward to your vision and leadership and wish you all good luck!

And a final thanks to Kenny for all the heavy lifting. Good, good luck in your emeritus status.

Yao Xiang Shakya (Liz)

 From Yao Xin Shakya

Yao Xin Shakya
Yao Xin Shakya


L’Ordre Bouddhiste Zen de Hsu Yun a le plaisir d’annoncer l’élection de son nouvel abbé, le révérend Yao Sheng Shakya.

Nous souhaitons le meilleur dans sa nouvelle tâche à notre homme de Buenos Aires. Puissions nous l’aider de notre mieux, dans la simplicité et la convivialité qui caractérise notre ordre.

C’est avec avec une sincère gratitude que nous remercions le révérend Yin Cai Shakya pour l’admirable bienveillance et la délicate attention dont il fit preuve dans sa charge d’abbé.

Puisse cette nouvelle année être également celle du renouveau pour notre ordre et chacun d’entre nous.

Bravo encore à notre nouvel abbé, qui sait qu’il peut compter sur les amis de l’ordre.

Yao Xin Shakya (Luis)

From Yin Shan Shakya

Yin Shan Shakya

Yin Shan Shakya

For Yao Sheng:

I warmly welcome Yao Sheng to take the highest of high positions with our Order as abbot. With the Buddhist world, in and out of the U.S., becoming more multicultural, Abbot Sheng will help us in growing our outreach and support the millions of Spanish speakers to celebrate the Buddhist teachings world wide. I look forward to working with Abott Sheng in the months to come. May all be happy!


Yin Shan Shakya (Jeff)

 From Fa Geng Shakya

Fa Geng Shakya
Fa Geng Shakya

Caro Yao Sheng Shakya ,

Mi hanno detto che potevo scrivere in italiano, e mi fa molto piacere.
Volevo farti i miei ed i nostri più sentiti Auguri e Congratulazioni per il tuo Incarico di Abate del nostro Ordine.
Il mio cognome e’ abbastanza diffuso in Argentina, ed un giorno mi piacerebbe venire a conoscere la tua città ed i miei parenti che ci vivono. Anni fa misi in scena uno spettacolo con i Tanghi dedicato al mio bisnonno Francesco Antonio che arrivò li’ nei primi del 1900.
Da dieci anni camminiamo insieme ed ora si aggiunge il mio gruppo romano di Attori che sperimentano Teatro e Zen.
Domenica avremo la nostra prima Sesshin e siamo molto contenti.
Ti auguriamo di svolgere al meglio il tuo incarico e speriamo di poter aprire una bella amicizia d’oltreoceano.

Namo Amituofo
Fa Geng Shakya ed i ragazzi dell’Hokke Sangha di Roma (Teatro e Zen )