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Essays by Yao Xiang Shakya

Quietude. Dogen’s 3rd Awareness

Quietude – a state of stillness; calmness, and quiet in a person or place
Really, quietude is not about noise or sound or silence. It’s not a drugged state either.
Some stories come to mind…

See, Seek Not

Often in spiritual life we find seekers rather than seers. It comes out of our misunderstanding of Reality. Below there are two stories that show us when we seek, we get worn out and feel as though we are a ‘failure.’ When this happens we have fallen into the common mental formation of “measuring and comprehending.” I know this may be a surprise. Most of us have been trained to seek liberation rather than see it. It’s time to see it.

Heave To —- by Lao Di Zhi Shakya

Heave-to is a sailing maneuver used to slow a boat down in heavy seas. It is done by adjusting the sails and dropping the ship’s anchor in a storm. This maneuver keeps the boat from traveling with the high winds.