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El ladrón generoso

Los sombreros de los monjes Zen japoneses impiden ver quién es el que da la limosna y quién el que la recibe… mmmm… y de que servirá eso…

A Father’s Birth (#3)

In Part 3 of “A Father’s Birth” Yao Xin Shakya follows the directions to the Athonite Church and experiences a revitalization of an old Zen teaching. He wonders how the Christian Blessing will affect his Buddhist future.

The Money Lender (#7)

Tim devises a way to get revenge, while Joshua schemes to get a prized surfboard and escape to tropical waters. Stella has to face the ugly truth about a lover’s promises, and Harold prepares to take religion seriously.

The Money Lender (#6)

As Tim’s life worsens because of the lies told about him, he decided to take his revenge. But that will not relieve him of having to pay the debt. Without law, there is no order. How is he then to get justice?

The Money Lender (#5)

The Murphys find extra work to pay the money they do not owe. Aaron recovers with profound resentment at Rebecca’s family who blame him for the accident; and Joshua cleverly finds a way to ingratiate himself with the Zen Abbot by spreading cedar chips to eliminate the dust.

El demonio comprado

Cómo todos saben… la constancia nos conduce al objetivo. Una vez desarrollada, se convierte en una actitud que nos permite seguir adelante, a pesar de las dificultades o la pérdida de la motivación.

A Father’s Birth (#2)

“Called or not called, God will be there”, C. G. Jung wrote in front of his house. In “Vespers in the Night”, Master Yao Xin Shakya share some words with an Orthodox priest and realizes the importance of names and its mysteries.

A Father’s Birth (#1)

A simple way of living, distant mountains, homemade wine and the scent of incense become a fine scenario for the mistery of life to unfold. In the “A Father’s Birth”, Master Yao Xin Shakya tell us a glimpse of how a new life can change our world.

The Money Lender (#4)

Mobsters can threaten in the most polite ways. Tim learns that he must pay interest on top of the principal stolen by someone else. But Joshua hides out in a Zen Center as Charlene tries to learn who is behind Tim’s frame-up. And the Dharma contest has everyone on edge.

The Money Lender (#3)

Aaron and Rebecca learn the hard way that just because a machine is easy to operate, anyone can operate it without training and respect for the bike and the terrain. It is a mistake one of them will live to regret. Tim learns how easily an innocent person can be set up to take the fall for another’s crime.