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La barque vide

Et si nous pouvions vivre nos vies sans constamment attaquer ou se défendre ? Dans «La barque vide ” Qian Fa et Yao Xin Shakya nous invitent à méditer sur une vieille histoire taoïste

The Crossword Puzzle (#7)

If the truth were known, Greed would rank highest of human sin. Greed is not mere covertness, it is a disease of the mind. In the last installment of The Crossword Puzzle, Ming Zhen Shakya shows how easily a confused person can fall under its spell.

The Crossword Puzzle (#6)

“Evil to him who evil thinks” is, considering the Lex Talons, the guiding motto of the seeker of enlightenment. In Part 6 of The Crossword Puzzle, A Touch of Jail, Ming Zhen Shakya reveals Nola’s enduring principle.

The Crossword Puzzle (#5)

A private place in the woods. It sounds like he perfect place to meditate away the city’s problems. But, as Ming Zhen shows in Part 5 of The Crossword Puzzle, it can be the setting of so much more.

The Crossword Puzzle (#4)

Nola finds that creating a Zendo is an expensive and unappreciated task as Ming Zhen Shakya show us some behind-the-scenes chicanery in Part 4 of The Crossword Puzzle

The Crossword Puzzle (#3)

Neglect and individual defacement create havoc in a once-lovely building. In Part 3 of “The Crossword Puzzle”, Ming Zhen Shakya shows the daunting task that confronts Nola.

O Caminho Real

Não há caminho real no Zen. Em “O caminho real” Jiaoyuan Fa Shakya analisa as facilidades que muitos aspirantes anseiam.

El camino real

No existe un Camino Real al Zen. En “El Camino Real” Jiaoyuan Fa Shakya analiza el facilismo con el que se inician muchos aspirantes.